Hookah Pipes 101

Hookah Pipes 101

Hookah Pipes 101

Hookahs which originally came from the Middle East are now a craze the world over. This article will help you know everything you ever wanted to know about hookah pipes.

A typical hookah pipe consists of 4 main components viz. the base, smoking hose, shisha mixture and charcoal. The base is a slightly heavy, arched pot in which a water filter is placed. Above the pot is a straight stem which may be up to a foot long depending on the model. There is a small hollow bowl at the top in which the smoking sheesha mixture is kept.

The bowl is usually wrapped in perforated metal foil on which a piece of red hot charcoal is kept. The charcoal heats up the sheesha mixture and the resultant smoke is filtered through the water filter inside the base. This filtration process helps remove excess tar and impurities from the hookah smoke and also cools it down which in turn enhances the smoking experience.

At the bottom of the base, there is an adapter to connect the smoking hose. On the other end of the hose is the mouthpiece which can be fitted with a detachable smoking tip.

Hookah pipes are available in a variety of designs and sizes to fit your needs. Hookah bars normally keep larger sizes with long pipes so that they can be shared with a larger group of people at the table. Medium sized bars can be used for small parties at home. Small compact sheesha pipes are also available to carry around while travelling.

Lager groups can also use a multi-hose hookah as it is easier to share and the pipe does not need to be passed around too often. In case you prefer a single hose, there are pipes available with a rotating stand which enables easier sharing around the table.

The original design of the pipe was made up of coconut shells. The traditional material for hookah pipes is blown glass, decked with design elements made up of gold, paint, wooden carvings, clay art, leather and small mirrors. However, modern pipes are made up of durable and heat proof material like Pyrex glass, acrylics, synthetic rubber and stainless steel.

According to hookah smoking etiquette, the pipe is supposed to be place on the ground with a group of people seated on cushions around it. Hookah pipes should not be passed around directly and should be placed down on the ground or table for the next person to pick it up.

Earlier you had to go through the hassle of going around multiple brick and mortar stores to pick up a good quality hookah of your choice. However, the internet has made it easier to buy them at a very reasonable price within the comfort of your home. has a large variety of hookahs available which are also easier on your pocket. Contact Us and our experts will get back to you with information on picking up the finest hookah at the best available price.